In this post, we will be discussing “Easy Christmas Tree Decorations” and ideas that can be managed at home by using the household items already available at home. The idea behind this is to remain on a budget and create simple and beautiful homemade Christmas ornaments with things around the house.

Christmas Tree Decorations And Ideas
Christmas Tree Decorations And Ideas

Not everyone in this world has a deep pocket that can fit all the luxuries of life in it, and we are in a time where almost everyone in the world is finding the means and ways to get back on their feet after a long break from the coronavirus pandemic that devastated the lives of many people in the world.

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So to make things easier and get going we have some decoration tips and tricks for the Christmas tree ideas 2020 to not only celebrate Christmas with smiles and joy but also making it a pocket-friendly one as well. Because it is this time of the year where everyone deserves to be happy, blessed, and relaxed after a long year’s work and tiredness.

And most of all Christmas is the time to celebrate and to have decorated Christmas trees either real or fake. And elegant Christmas tree decorating ideas are so much a need and want type of thing at this time of the year. The Christmas tree is an evergreen tree that symbolizes life in the midst of winter.

This tree which is traditionally associated with the celebration of Christmas is usually an evergreen conifer decorated and constitutes the centerpiece of your home during the holiday season. Hand-made ornaments can dress up your Christmas tree and add a sparkle to your Christmas celebration. Handmade Christmas tree decorations are a fun and easy way to give your Christmas tree a personal decorative touch.

5 Easy Christmas Tree Decorations

The following is a list of 5 easy Christmas tree decorations and ideas that are simple, creative, and budget-friendly too. So while using these homemade Christmas ornaments with things around the house you are in relief and peace of mind as it is not that of a burden in the end. And these DIY Christmas ornaments can save you a ton of hassle if you are on a very tight budget.

Homemade Candy Canes

If you are on the lookout for a fun way to decorate your Christmas trees with sweet aromas and sweet treats then the candy canes are a perfect choice. It is quite simple to make with the following easily available ingredients and if you have a lot of members in your family then it makes it quicker as well because everyone has a helping hand, that is willingly ready for this fun and creative activity and put his or her share in the ongoing celebrations of the Christmas.

Easy Christmas Tree Decorations With Candy
Easy Christmas Tree Decorations With Candy

Things Required

1/2 cup granulated sugar
3/4 cup light corn syrup
1/2 cup water
A teaspoon full of peppermint extract
Red gel paste flavoring

How To Make Candy Canes

First of all, pre-heat the oven up to 170 degrees and melt the sugar, corn syrup, and the water in a boiler on a high flame. This continues until the sugar is completely dissolved.
Now add peppermint flavor and pour half of the mixture onto a cookie sheet, that doesn’t cost much. Add food color to the remaining mixture.
Then pull the sugar and roll into thick sticks of the desired length.
Take the red or whatever color candy you made from the oven pull it and then twist them into one another to form the stripes.
Cut it into desired lengths and shape the hook on top of each candy.
Leave it to cool down and get hard.
Now you are ready to hang these candy canes on your Christmas tree.


Crafting your own beautiful small angels for the Christmas tree not only saves money but also creates everlasting memories too. And it is a lot of fun as well.

Easy Christmas Tree Decorations With Angles
Easy Christmas Tree Decorations With Angles

Things Required

A plastic spoon
Black marker, A doily
A white pipe cleaner
Chart paper
Glue and scissors

Homemade Christmas Angles

Draw a sweet little smiley face on the backside of the white spoon with the black marker and wrap the handle of the spoon with the doily and secure it at the back with glue.
Use the white pipe cleaner to design the hands.
Draw wings on the chart paper cut them out, and stick them.
This is probably one of the simplest and easiest methods to make Christmas tree angels.

Paper Drops, Snowflakes

These graceful paper shapes are proof of elegance in simplicity. You will find lots of online videos for making and cutting out different paper shapes. And by following these videos you can design so many different things from paper cuttings like flowers, snowflakes, birds, planes and so much more.

Easy Christmas Tree Decorations With Paper Cuttings
Easy Christmas Tree Decorations With Paper Cuttings

Things Required

Colored paper
Ribbon or gold cord
A pair of scissors

Homemade Paper Drops

Firstly cut out two 12 inch strips, two 10 inch strips, and one 8-3/4 inch strip
line them up in the order of 12, 10, 8-3/4, 10, and 12 and staple it
This will result in an ornamental shape that can be hung on your Christmas tree with the help of the ribbon or gold cord.

Cute snow man ornamental hanging

Snowman with a lovely winter scarf is an excellent way to decorate your Christmas tree. And you will love this simple method to create a snowman.

Easy Christmas Tree Decorations With Snowman
Easy Christmas Tree Decorations With Snowman

Things Required

Three white jar lids of varying diameters
Cotton batting
Colored felt
Black bottle top
Glue and string

Homemade Snowman Ornamental Hanging

Hot glue the white jar lids in the order of their size and glue some cotton batting on one side of each lid.
With the help of the black colored felt sheet cutouts make two black circles for eyes, an orange circle for the nose, a red semicircle for the mouth, and three black circles for buttons.
Make sure to glue them in the proper places.
Cut a long strip of blue felt cloth and wrap it around the snowman’s neck and secure it firmly with the help of glue.
Glue the black bottle cap on the smallest lid to form a hat.
Secure it with a string and hang it up on to your Christmas tree.

Fruit slices

Decorating your Christmas tree with classic and yummy smelling fruit slices adds a rustic flare to the festive spirit.

Easy Christmas Tree Decorations With Fruit Slices
Easy Christmas Tree Decorations With Fruit Slices

Things Required

Orange slices
Cutting board


Cut an orange into ¼ inch slices and place it in a food dehydrator until it is completely dry. Make holes along the perimeter and place the cloves. Pass raffia into one hole and make it into a bow. Now suspend this to your Christmas tree.

The above are some of the fun and festive ideas to turn your Christmas tree into a decorative masterpiece. Try these simple handmade decorative items and get into the holiday mood without burning a hole in your pocket.

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