This topic talks about “Christmas Celebrations Around the World”, so let’s get started. Christmas is the most popular and enthusiastic festival that everyone looks forward to throughout the year.

Everyone around the globe eagerly waits to celebrate this joyous holiday. From decorated streets to decorated houses, Christmas is celebrated not just as an event but as a festival of joy and togetherness.

Christmas Celebrations Around the World
Christmas Celebrations Around the World

Christmas Celebrations Around The World

The Christmas tree tradition actually dates back to the Middle Ages, as many countries, like Germany, display the traditional wooden Christmas pyramid, which is a tradition that is actually much older than the Christmas tree itself.

Christmas Celebrations Around The World 2024
Christmas Celebrations Around The World 2024

Celebrations in many countries start with the Advent celebration in early December or late November, which is the 4th Sunday before Christmas, as the Christmas markets also start to brighten up.

Christmas Tree Decorations: Before Christmas, people are focused on decorating their Christmas trees. We can find many fine decorations on the market for decorating our Christmas trees, which can be easily ordered at your doorstep. Most of the tree’s wreath is decorated with Christmas tree lights, and every town square has its own Christmas tree in front of the city hall.

Christmas Celebrations Around The World 2024 1
Christmas Celebrations Around The World 2024 2

Christmas Celebrations Around The World 2024 3
Christmas Celebrations Around The World 2024 4

People start to exchange gifts on this occasion and celebrate with family and friends, mainly on Christmas Eve rather than on the actual Christmas day.

Many people also fast on Christmas Eve in the daytime and break it during the night with prayers and the decoration of a nativity scene at their homes or churches.

Christmas Celebrations in Finland: Some people believe that Santa lives in Finland; therefore, many people love to visit this country, as Christmas Eve is celebrated for days there. People in Finland start decorating their homes and distributing cards on December 13th, which is also celebrated as Saint Lucia Day, as these are traditions of Finland from the 13th century and the people have celebrated it religiously since that time.

People around the world celebrate Christmas Eve with their loved ones, which is seen as a day of relaxation. People share a wooden sauna that is decorated with snow and candles.

The day after Christmas is celebrated as Saint Stephen’s Day, which consists of the tradition of horse or sleigh riding and is celebrated for the next 13 days; therefore, it is called the Christmas season.

Christmas time is made most festive with carolers, animal stables, and gigantic Christmas trees around the world.

Christmas Celebrations
Christmas Celebrations

Christmas in Columbia: In Columbia, a Christmas treat known as bunuelos (fried dough) and Manjar Blanco (creamy caramel-like spread) is served by people in their glowing streets as it is one of Columbia’s signature Christmas treats.

Christmas in Tokyo: Talking about other countries like Tokyo, on an average evening, Tokyo nightlife comes to life with neon lights and vibrant colours and puts up an amazing spectacle for Christmas.

The standout event in Tokyo is the Caretta illumination show, which utilises more than two hundred and fifty thousand LED lights and annually takes place during Christmas only at Caretta Shiodome.

This is an 8-minute light show that occurs every 20 minutes from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. Music from Beauty and the Beast in 2017 This is only a misconception that if one lives in a warmer climate, they can get into the Christmas spirit.

Christmas in Australia: At Bondi Beach, visitors trade in snow for sun and sand, but they still bring their Santa hats and beards. The British and Irish tourists in particular annually flock to the Sydney beach on Christmas Day to enjoy this festival to its fullest, as it’s a refreshing change of pace for anyone who wants a break from their work and is looking forward to a relaxing holiday routine.

Christmas in Germany: There are numerous Christmas markets found all around the world, but only a few attract annual visitors, like the “Weihnachtszauber Christmas Market” in Berlin, Germany, which sells amazing handcrafted goodies and Christmas cuisine.

This market is also rich with live entertainment that contains musicians, jugglers, and acrobats, making visitors experience angelic joy throughout the festivals.

Let’s hope you have a great Christmas with your loved ones, and we wish you a very happy New Year.

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