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How To Post On Instagram From PC

How To Post On Instagram From PC

How To Post On Instagram From PC

“How To Post On Instagram From PC” or “Can We Post On Instagram From PC” are some common questions that come to our mind when we want to make a post on Instagram from our personal desktop computer.

And the answer is very simple,


But how to post on Instagram from pc when there is no option available to add a story or picture like we have the plus sign available on the mobile devices in the Instagram application that we downloaded from the Google Play Store Or the iOS App Store.

Instagram is a social sharing app where you can post your story, pictures and videos to grow your business, website, brand or yourself.

Instagram is a platform where over 1 billion users are active on a daily basis and share their life, brand, or business to grow big in the process to earn more.

People post different stuff online using the Instagram app like Instagram video, Instagram post, Instagram Hashtags, Instagram tags, Instagram pics, Instagram Captions, Instagram story and wo much more and in return they get Instagram followers that help to grow their business.

But aside from the Instagram application to post your content there is a way to upload Instagram pics and videos from a desktop pc.

How To Post On Instagram From PC

Below we will be explaining the whole procedure of posting your pics and videos to Instagram using your desktop Pc.

First of all, open your browser and type in the Instagram website link or the Instagram website URL in the search bar.

How To Post On Instagram From PC

Your account will automatically open if you are already logged in otherwise you have to enter your login password to enter into Instagram.

How To Post On Instagram On PC

Now when you scroll down the page, you will not see the plus sign or the other options available in the mobile application of Instagram.

Can You Post On Instagram From PC

Now you have to right-click anywhere on the page and look for “Inspect” Option as shown in the picture.

How To Post On Instagram From Your Computer

You will see a new window popup on the right side of the browser with code written and showing different headings and tabs.

How To Post Pictures On Instagram From The Compute

Now you see the second icon and if you hover the mouse over, it reads toggle device toolbar, It is in the red circle to make a better understanding.

Instagram Posts

When you click this icon the screen of your Instagram window turns into a mobile shape.

Instagram Captions

Now all you have to do is to click the refresh window button at the top of the page or simply hit the F5 key on windows keyboard to refresh the page.

How To Upload Pictures On Instagram From Computer

As soon as the page reloads it shows all the options that are available on a mobile device and you are good to go with sharing your story or pics on Instagram as you use it on mobile.

How To Upload Pictures On Instagram From PC

When you are done uploading the pics or videos on Instagram simply click this icon again and refresh the page to return back to the normal mode of desktop Instagram as before.

Post To Instagram On Desktop

Now, this procedure is a very simple one and you can do it as many times you like when you are sitting on your pc and want to upload pics to Instagram from your pc.

And as you have learned a new technique you will surely help the people who are searching for “How To Post On Instagram From PC” by sharing this post so everyone can learn this simple idea.

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