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Best Advance Happy Diwali 2024 Wishes, And History

Advance Happy Diwali 20244 Wishes
Advance Happy Diwali 2024 Wishes

This topic “Advance Happy Diwali 2024 Wishes” talks about Diwali history, Diwali celebrations, decorations, and advance happy Diwali 2024 wishes, cards, and images.

Hello guys we are back with yet another beautiful topic of advance Happy Diwali 2024 wishes, SMS, cards, and images. Send these beautiful SMS cards and images to your friend’s family and neighbors and make them happy with these Advance Happy Diwali 2024 wishes.

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If you are searching for the new stuff for Happy Diwali 2024 wishes, status, SMS, and images then you are at the right place because in this post we will cover all advance happy Diwali wishes, status, shayari, sayings, etc. for the year 2024.

Advance Happy Diwali 2024

Diwali without any doubt and most certainly is one of the biggest, brightest, and most important festivals in India. Popularly Diwali is known as the “festival of lights”, but the spiritual meaning behind it is to know and be aware of your inner self.

Happy Diwali is one of the best days in the Hindu culture because this day falls on the 15th day of Kartik and according to the Hindu lunar calendar it is considered to be the holiest month. Diwali is celebrated according to the cycle of the moon as per the Hindu lunar calendar and falls in October or November every year. So this year Diwali 2024 will be celebrated on the 14th of November.

On this day everybody prepares to celebrate a happy Diwali and wishes everyone with cards, greetings, and images alongside huge public gatherings, parties, feasts, puja (prayers), and entertaining programs for children and adults that involve lightning diyas and fireworks all around houses and public places to make their day special.

Happy Diwali

So now you can wish your friends, teachers, brothers, sisters, parents, grandparents, and neighbors in advance with our Advance Happy Diwali 2024 Wishes, Status, SMS, and greeting cards.

So guys now check our Advance Happy Diwali 2024 Wishes, Status, SMS collection below. These SMSs are in two categories such as Diwali day short SMS’s and Diwali day long SMSs. Choose any one from them and then just share it with your friends on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, or personally send it to his or her phone number.

Advance Happy Diwali 2024 Wishes And SMS’s

Advance Happy Diwali Wishes

Happy Diwali My Dear Friends

I wish that all your wishes and dreams come true on this special day of Diwali

Happy Diwali Wishing SMS

Happy Diwali to you and your family

Happy Diwali Wishing SMS 2024

May this Diwali bring all the happiness to you and your family

Happy Diwali 2024

I wish all your wishes to be fulfilled this Diwali

Diwali 2024

Diwali is here, Come on dear, Time to make it the happiest this year,

Diwali SMS 2024

Happy Diwali to you and stay blessed

Diwali SMS

May this festival of lights shine upon you your whole life, and may it bring all the happiness you seek

Advance Happy Diwali 2024 Cards

May your life become as luminous and exciting as this festival of Lights, Advance Happy Diwali Wishes

Diwali Wishes 2024

The Light and Shine Festival is here, I hope you enjoy it with love and care

Happy Diwali Wishing Cards 2024

I wish your future to be always illuminated like this festival of lights, Advance Happy Diwali Greetings

Diwali Wishing Cards

Let’s enjoy this Diwali together and make it the happiest of all, Advance happy Diwali

Advance Happy Diwali 2024 Wishes And Cards

Diwali History

In this article “Advance Happy Diwali 2024 Wishes” we also bring you the history of this festival of Diwali as it is celebrated and enjoyed as a victory of good over evil referring to the years-long story of the legend of the Hindu God “Lord Ram” who returned to his kingdom Ayodhya after living in exile for 14 years.

When the evil king of Lanka “Ravan” abducted Sita the beloved wife of Ram and invited his death at the hands of Ram and Lakshmana (brother of Ram) and a whole army of monkeys.

Ram killed Ravan in a furious battle freed Sita and returned to his kingdom. It is said that when Ram returned to his kingdom the people of Ayodhya lit up diyas to celebrate his return.

Advance Happy Diwali 2024 Wishes And Images

The story or the history of Diwali may differ from region to region but the essence of the festival remains the same all around and it is celebrated with all the joy, happiness, and goodness, and fun is seen all around.

Diwali Meaning

Diwali has a very special meaning as its special name because it is taken from the Sanskrit word Deepavali or some might say Dipavli and the meaning of Deepavali is a line or row of Diya’s (Clay Lamps).

Advance Happy Diwali 2024 Wishes And Decorations

Here in this post “Advance Happy Diwali 2024 Wishes” we have also provided you with the ways and techniques of the Diwali decorations as it marks this biggest festival of India and also gives rise to an abundance of Diwali fairs and carnivals to support the massive shopping sprees associated with the festival. Girls and women dress up during the festival they wear colorful clothing and new jewelry and their hands are decorated with henna designs.

Happy Diwali Wishes

Decorative items, garlands, Diyas, and crackers are on the hot list of all the shoppers. This time of the year also marks the highest sale of traditional Indian sweets as sweets are exchanged when families and friends come together to celebrate. Markets are adorned with colorful Diwali decorations, and small-time potters who sell clay Diyas have their highest annual sales around this time. Local bazaars offer an array of designer clay diyas, earthen lamps, and colorful lanterns.

Women have a great time shopping and taking up the festivities along with gathering the items required for the ritual. Many tourists also visit markets to experience the festive rush during Diwali. Diwali also marks the end of the harvest season for farmers and the closing of the financial year for businessmen.

Happy Diwali Wishes 2024

May your homes light up with the light of Deepavali

Five Days Of Diwali

Like always Diwali will be a five-day event where all the days are important and have their own significance. Below are the five days of Diwali which we have included in this beautiful post of “Advance Happy Diwali 2020 Wishes” for your better understanding of and significance of Diwali.

Vasu Baras

Colorful idols of goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesh are seen everywhere in the markets. Hindus strongly believe that goddess Laxmi- the goddess of wealth visits their houses if they are kept clean and lit with Diyas on this day. Special prayers are done in front of sacred animals like cows the Gau- Matas, and calves.


The second day of Diwali starts with Dhanteras. It means wealth as the day of Dhateras is the day that is considered as the birthday of the god Dhanvantri and is believed to be a profitable day for businessmen where people buy expensive items for their wealth and prosperity the whole year long.

Advance Diwali

May the divine light of Diwali brings peace, prosperity, and happiness in your life

Laxmi Puja

The third day of the festival, also known as Laxmi puja is the main Diwali celebration. The day is devoted to Goddess Laxmi- the Goddess of Wealth and Lord Ganesh, the ‘Lord of auspicious Beginnings’, and ‘the Remover of Obstacles’. The devotees worship them seeking prosperity and wealth.

Govardhan Puja

The fourth day of Diwali is known as the Govardhan puja. This day is celebrated by going to the temples for puja as according to Hindu mythology Lord Indra who is responsible for rains and storms got angry and furious with the people of Gokul. So people visit the temples wearing brand new dresses and jewelry to make Amends with Lord Indra with their prayers.

Also, this day is celebrated to thank Lord Krishna who came to save the villagers from the rain flooding which the rain god Indra poured on them, this day is also known as Padwa (dedicated to the relationship of husband and wife). In some parts of the country people visit their friends and family houses while bringing gifts and treats.


Bhaiduj as the name suggests in the local language in India means the brotherhood or love for brothers and sisters. So the brotherhood and love are shown and celebrated on this day for each other.
Diwali is known as the festival of lights but with so many rituals and traditions, it can also be named as the festival of sweets, gifts, fireworks, and family.

Advance Diwali Cards

May this Diwali bring a lot of good luck and success to you

Happy Diwali Dates In Future Years

Happy Diwali years and days.

S.noYearMonth and Day
1202014th November, Saturday
220214th November, Thursday
3202224th October, Monday
Happy Diwali

May this Diwali brighten up your life with the light of happiness and bliss

We hope you liked this post “Advance Happy Diwali 2024 Wishes” and will share the pics and the advance happy Diwali 2024 wishes and greeting cards with your friends family and relatives.

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